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17 Unique Ways To Make Extra Money In London

How to make money in London
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Want to make extra money in London? You’re not alone. With the cost of living rising, many Londoners are looking to make extra money without having to take on a second job.

The good news is that there are many flexible and unique side hustles that you can do in London, all of which are tailored to the city’s unique needs and opportunities. While there are various great ways to make money online from home, we want to focus on some options that work particularly in the capital.

Let’s dive into this list of 17 ways to make extra money in London.

How to make extra money in London

If you’re looking to make extra money in London, there are many ways to do it. Naturally, a full-time job will often give you the most substantial earnings, but there are other avenues to boost your earnings, such as part-time jobs, side hustles, or aiming for a raise.

A good way to start making extra money in London is to make more money doing what you already do. If you’re excelling at your job and going above and beyond expectations, set up a meeting with your boss and ask for a pay raise. If you’ve already asked for a raise and job-hopped your way to the highest possible salary, it’s time to explore alternative ways to make extra income.

1. Offer unique tourist experiences

With the rise of Airbnb and CouchSurfing, tourists are increasingly interested in getting to know local people and cultures when they travel. They are also looking for unique and authentic travel experiences.

This offers a great chance to make extra money by offering unique city tours and experiences through various experience platforms. You don’t need to be a historical expert to do this. You can offer tours based on your interests and expertise, such as tours of pubs that inspired literary greats, the best charity shops, or the most Instagrammable hidden gems in the city. There are even listings for a loo tour where you explore the history of London’s toilets – no topic is too niche! To widen your reach, you can also offer online workshops and experiences.

Potential earnings from experience hosting depend on various factors, such as the type and length of the experience you provide and the number of people who can participate at once. For example, popular listings like the “West End Bar Crawl” (£17 per person) and the “Photoshoot in London Secret Corners” (£155 per person) have different price points.

Where to start:

Airbnb Experiences


Make money offering London tourist experiences

2. Host dining experiences

London is full of foodies with a big appetite for different cuisines and food experiences. If you’re a skilled cook, why not monetise this demand by hosting dinner experiences for others?

There are a few different online platforms where you get paid to host dining experiences, pop-ups, special events, cooking classes, food tours, and more. Show off your culinary skills by cooking your favourite dishes for your guests, and earn money doing something creative. Get started by creating an account and listing the cuisine and type of event you’d like to offer, such as “7-course Plant-Based Fine-dining” or “Bottomless Bubbles & Plantain Brunch”.

According to Eatwith, a community marketplace offering authentic dining experiences, you can make up to around £580 per event.

Where to start:


Airbnb Experiences

3. Become a TV or movie extra

London’s film and TV production industry is booming right now. In fact, more and more movie productions are constantly being brought into the big city. With this expansion, there are also plenty of side gigs available for those looking to make some extra cash as a movie extra. 

If you want to become a TV or movie extra, you can either register with a casting service or search for jobs on your own. If you decide to search for opportunities on your own, you need to keep up-to-date with the latest auditions and casting calls. Alternatively, a casting service can work to place you with suitable jobs. To register with a casting agency, submit your photos and measurements, attend auditions, and be patient. Be aware that some casting agencies charge a fee to join.

Based on the FAA/PACT Supporting Artiste Agreement, the basic daily rate for extras is £112.47 (a standard day is 9 hours including a meal break).

Where to start:

Casting Collective

Extra People


Uni-versal Extras

4. Rent out your home as a film set

If you are keen to get your cut of the booming film and entertainment industry but want a slightly more passive income source than being an extra, offering your home to a film crew might be a good way to make extra money in London. 

Film and TV productions often need real locations instead of sets. There’s also the opportunity to have your house used in a photo shoot, which is less invasive. Location agencies are looking for a variety of properties, from minimalist loft apartments to unique family homes. Even unmodernised properties and total wrecks can be surprisingly popular.

Renting your home out as a shoot location could make you as much as £2,500 per day, with rates in London typically about £750-£1,000 per day

Where to start:

1st Option

Creative Location


Lavish Location


Make money renting out your home

5. Become a dog sitter or dog walker

If you love dogs but can’t have one of your own, why not get paid to spend time with other people’s dogs in the local area?

Various dog sitting and dog walking websites offer a more personal alternative for dog owners who want to avoid kennels. Pet sitting is an easy way to earn extra money for spending time with dogs on your own schedule. While the pay may not be record-breaking, it’s a great way to make some extra cash and get some furry cuddles while you’re at it.

According to listings on the Rover platform, you can earn an average of £10-£15 per visit for dog walking and £30-£40 per night for overnight stays.

Where to start:

Barking Mad

Borrow My Doggy



6. Rent out your unused items and equipment

Do you have unused items or equipment lying around? If so, you can rent them out to make extra money in London. There are many niche websites and platforms that allow you to rent out a variety of items, from sports equipment and designer accessories to cameras, sewing machines, bouncy castles, and even wedding dresses.

Potential earnings from renting out your stuff depend entirely on the type of item you offer and the length of the rental. Generally, the rarer or more valuable the item, the more you can charge. For example, a pressure washer might go for £10-£20 per day, while a Burberry trench coat can be rented for anything from £50 to £200 per day.

Where to start:

Bikes and sports equipment: Spinlister

Fashion and accessories: By Rotation, Hurr Collective, Swished

Miscellaneous: Library of Things, Fat Llama

Rent out your stuff for cash

7. Become a house sitter

When you think of house sitting, you probably only think of looking after your friends or family’s homes while they’re on holiday. But did you know that house sitting can actually be a great way to save money on rent or even make some extra cash?

House sitters are responsible for keeping homes clean and tidy, watering plants, picking up the mail, and caring for pets. Their presence can also deter burglars. House sitting jobs can range from a few hours to multiple months, depending on the homeowner’s needs. Sometimes, homeowners are just looking for a house sitter for a day to wait for plumbers, deliveries, or other services. Other times, a house sitter is needed for a couple of months to make sure the house looks lived-in.

The most common form of house sitting is where the sitter looks after the house and pets in exchange for free accommodation. However, there are also occasions when a homeowner will offer money to the house sitter. Pay for long-term house sitters starts at £10 a day, while short-term house sitters can earn between £8 and £10 an hour.

Where to start:


House Sitters UK

8. Help others with odd jobs

If your life is already busy but you need to make some extra money, why not pick up odd jobs here and there whenever you have free time? There are a few well-established sharing economy platforms in the UK where you can complete other people’s to-do lists. Most tasks are everyday jobs like helping with moving, assembling furniture, and cleaning. However, if you have more specialised skills or interests, it’s worth keeping an eye out for more unusual jobs, such as baking or helping at parties.

As a tasker, you can set your own hourly or project-based rates and advertise them on your profile. You can also apply for projects that people need help with and have already posted for a set price. Some recent listings include £60 for decorating a hotel room for a birthday and £100 for assembling an IKEA drawer.

Where to start:




9. Offer unique freelance services

If you have more unusual or unique skills or talents, consider listing them on one of the online marketplaces for freelance services. Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money from the comfort of your own home. On the freelancing sites, you can offer up any one-off job or gig, from NFT art design to life coaching and affiliate marketing.

While most services on these platforms are online, you can also list London-based services to make extra money. For example, you can offer voiceovers with a London or Cockney accent for £20-£80 per hour or professional property photography in London for £100-£200 per session.

Where to start:



Earn cash offering services in London in London

10. Sign up for clinical research

If you are interested in participating in clinical trials, the psychology and medicine departments at London universities and other organizations in the city often have paid options available. You can make money by taking part in research for new medicines, psychological studies, diet studies, sleep studies, and more.

The impact on your health is often minimal, and you have the option to opt out of anything that makes you uncomfortable. However, it is important to note that even with safety measures in place, there is always some risk involved in participating in clinical trials. It is important to weigh the potential risks and benefits carefully before deciding whether or not to participate.

The pay for clinical trials varies depending on the length and complexity of the trial, as well as the level of risk involved. Generally, you can expect to earn £100-£200 per day. Flucamp offers a payment of up to £3,750 for trials that usually last between 7 and 15 days while London Trials might pay up to £5,000 for people with specific conditions.

Where to start:




11. Become a delivery driver or rider

Courier and delivery work has boomed in recent years, offering a flexible side hustle for people looking to make extra money in London. And the good news for many Londoners who don’t own a car is that you don’t necessarily need one. Many delivery workers use a bike, motorbike, or even an electric scooter.

Some platforms pay per hour, while others pay per ride or delivery. The average pay of a delivery agent can range from £7 to £13 per hour.

Where to start:




Uber Eats

Make money as a delivery driver in London

12. Store other people's stuff

Many London flats are known to be tiny with little to no storage space. But if you’re lucky enough to have some spare storage space, you can turn it into a cash cow.

Different storage platforms connect people looking to store their belongings with people who want to make money from unused rooms, garage space, and so on. Just imagine your empty loft earning you money every week without you having to do anything. That’s passive income at its best!

You can charge per item or square foot, giving you flexibility over how much space you rent out. For example, a small storage cupboard might go for £25 per month, a spare room for £100-£450 per month, and a garage storage space could make you £500-£600 per month.

Storage platform to try:



13. Become a mystery shopper

If you enjoy shopping and want to earn extra cash in your spare time, consider becoming a mystery shopper. Many industries, including retail, banks, and restaurants, employ mystery shoppers, so there is a wide range of mystery shopping tasks available.

Most mystery shopper jobs involve writing a report about your customer experience and completing specific tasks. Be sure to gather plenty of details without being too obvious.

Pay rates vary depending on the assignment, but most mystery shopping jobs pay £5-£20, plus reimbursement for any purchases you are required to make.

Where to start:


iShopFor Ipsos


Mystery Dining

Make money mystery shopping in London

14. Rent out your parking space

Similar to storage space, flats in London rarely come with parking spaces. However, if you have an unused driveway or a private parking space, you could rent it out for money. Simply register with one of the parking space websites, enter your postcode, and wait for people in need of a parking space to contact you. You can choose the availability for your parking spot, so even if you use it most of the time, you could list it while you’re away.

Some of these websites now also connect people with electric vehicle (EV) chargers and drivers without access to off-street parking and charging.

Potential earnings can vary a lot depending on your location in London, the type of parking (such as a driveway or a secured parking area), and the demand for parking in your area. The closer the parking is to central London or popular event sites, the more you can charge. Monthly rates are typically £150-£400, while daily rates (12 hours) are often between £7-£15.

To maximise your earnings, consider listing your parking space on multiple websites and offering discounts for longer stays.

Parking rental platforms to try:




15. Take part in market research projects

Chances are you’ve heard about online market research surveys before. While these surveys don’t often offer substantial payouts for participants, there are other research opportunities that can help you earn more money, such as focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and online communities. London offers a wealth of these opportunities, making it a great place to make extra money by taking part in market research projects.

Unlike traditional online surveys, these projects cover a wider range of engaging topics, from playtesting video games and joining sports panels to discussing current issues in a focus group. There’s something for everyone!

To get started, simply create accounts on various market research platforms and stay updated on new projects. Then, apply for the projects that align with your profile.

Potential earnings for taking part in market research projects can vary depending on the type of project, the length of time it takes, and your level of expertise. However, you can expect to earn anywhere from £20 to £200 per project. Projects that require specific expertise, such as teaching, medicine, accounting, or owning a small business, often come with higher rates.

Where to start:


Take Part In Research

People For Research

16. Become a life model

Life modelling may not be for everyone, but it can be a fantastic way to make money in London for some. While life models can have any body type or shape, you need to be comfortable with your body to stand naked in front of a group of artists. Additionally, you may be expected to stay still for a few hours at a time.

Art schools, colleges, and universities all over London require life models for art classes, so there can be plenty of work if you are willing or able to travel to different locations. A good way to start is to either contact these institutions directly or become a member of The Art Models Register (RAM), which features jobs in London and beyond.

Potential earnings for life modelling can vary depending on the experience of the model and the length of the session. The RAM recommended rate for life modelling is £20 per hour.

Where to start:

The Art Models Register

The Art Academy London

The London Sketch Club

17. Become a private tutor

More than 40% of secondary school kids in London receive private tutoring, making tutoring a great way to earn some extra cash in London for those with a strong academic background or expertise in a musical instrument. There are plenty of tutoring platforms available but you can also use local notice boards and social media to advertise your tutoring services.

Tutoring rates in London can vary depending on the subject, the level of tuition, and the experience of the tutor, but they typically range from £20 to £50 per hour.

Where to start:


Revision Centre


Conclusion: Make money in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world but it’s also a city of endless opportunities, including the opportunity to make money. By being proactive, learning new skills, and being flexible and persistent, you can find ways to boost your monthly income. Here are our final tips for your side gig when you start making extra money:

  • Set up a separate bank account for your side hustle income. (Tide is one great option – using our Tide referral code R76367, you can earn a free £50 welcome bonus.) 
  • Keep track of your additional income and expenses with a simple spreadsheet to manage your side hustle finances effectively.
  • Register as self-employed and start paying tax on your additional earnings once you get over the £1,000 income trading allowance (unless your side hustle is tax-exempt).

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