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Welcome to Money Marshmallow

The Money Marshmallow platform is more than just a personal finance blog; this is your ultimate guide to levelling up your finances and making smart money moves. We are here to provide you with insights, tips and practical hacks towards money wellness and financial freedom.

Expect candid, open and honest talk about all things money that school didn’t teach you, including:



A bit more about me…

Hello, I am Roosa – born and raised in Finland, and moved to the UK in 2014 in my early 20s. Although I’ve had a money-saving mindset since I was a kid, believe it or not, I always found finances a boring topic.

However, this began to change a few years ago when I started educating myself about property investing. It didn’t take long until I got hooked on the idea of generating passive income. Who wouldn’t want to make money while sleeping?!

Fast forward to today, I now have a small property portfolio that I’m looking to expand. I’m also exploring other creative ways of making passive income to achieve financial freedom.

From what I’ve seen, society seems to encourage us to follow the conventional path of building a career and working until retirement. Although there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this route (especially if you enjoy what you do), I believe many of us would choose otherwise if we didn’t need to work for money. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to make money work for you instead!

However big or small your life and money goals are, I want to help you by providing you with tools and information on making smart money moves that lead to more freedom. Freedom to make your own life decisions without having to worry about money.

Fun Fact: The Story Behind the Money Marshmallow Name

You might have heard about the Marshmallow Experiment originally done at Stanford University in 1972. It’s said to be one of the most famous social science researches. The idea of the test was to give a child a marshmallow and tell them that they can have a second one if they can go without eating the first one while the adult leaves the room. The research suggests that if the child is patient enough to wait for the other marshmallow, it indicates they are prioritising delayed gratification over instant gratification. Therefore, passing the test is said to be a promising signal of future success.

Whether this specific test is a true indication of one’s success or not, it certainly teaches us a great lesson on long-term success and wealth; these don’t tend to happen overnight and therefore, we need to learn to control our impulses and delay gratification to achieve more-valued rewards in the future. For example, by resisting the impulse of buying new shoes or a watch, you can save the money for your long-term goals, such as a dream house, an investment property or a sabbatical year travelling. Money Marshmallow is here to help you with your long-term goals while enjoying life in the process! If you want to know more about the marshmallow test and its connection to personal finances, read my article ‘The Marshmallow Test: 3 Science-Based Tips to Money Success‘.