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8 Best Stock Market Movies on Netflix Not To Miss

Best stock market movies on Netflix
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Looking for a thrilling movie night that blends high-stakes drama with the captivating world of Wall Street? Dive into Netflix’s library of stock market movies! This guide curates the top stock market movies available on Netflix, offering a mix of entertainment and financial insights.

We’ve ranked these films based on IMDB user ratings and included the trailers, making it easy to pick your perfect watch. Whether you’re a movie buff or simply curious about the financial world, there’s a film here to pique your interest. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to explore the best stock market movies on Netflix!

1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

No surprise to find this Leonardo DiCaprio-starred classic on this list of best stock market movies on Netflix! Directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a wild ride based on the true story of wealthy stockbroker Jordan Belfort (played by DiCaprio). The film chronicles Belfort’s meteoric rise to wealth and his subsequent descent into a world of greed, corruption, and ultimately, downfall. 

While the film received some criticism for its portrayal of excessive wealth and hedonism, it undeniably captures the intoxicating allure and dark underbelly of the financial world. “The Wolf of Wall Street” even holds a Guinness World Record for the most instances of swearing. They used the f-word 569 times alone, which averages out to 2.81 times per minute.

Notably, Jordan Belfort himself has acknowledged the film’s accuracy in depicting his financial years. With its powerful performances and a gritty portrayal of Wall Street’s underbelly, “The Wolf of Wall Street” remains a must-watch stock market movie.

IMDB: 8.2

2. Inside Job (2010)

This award-winning American documentary film is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the roots of the 2008 financial crisis and its global impact. Narrated by Matt Damon, this movie offers a thought-provoking exploration of the events during this tumultuous period. It meticulously exposes the greed, deregulation, and conflicts of interest that led to the meltdown. “Inside Job” is a powerful and informative film that sheds light on the complex factors that contributed to the worst financial crisis in decades.

IMDB: 8.2

3. The Big Short (2015)

Based on Michael Lewis’s bestselling book, this Oscar-winning film delves into the 2008 financial crisis. It follows a group of unconventional investors who, recognizing the housing market bubble about to burst, bet against the banks. 

The film brilliantly uses humor and celebrity cameos to explain complex financial concepts, making it an engaging and informative watch for viewers of all financial literacy levels. “The Big Short” is a thought-provoking and sometimes critical look at the events leading to the financial crisis.

IMDB: 7.8

4. Too Big To Fail (2011)

“Too Big to Fail” dives deep into the real-life drama of the 2008 financial crisis. This gripping docudrama, based on the acclaimed book, puts you in the shoes of government officials and financial leaders who scrambled to prevent a complete economic meltdown. Witness the tense negotiations, desperate measures, and ethical dilemmas they faced as they fought to stabilize the system. With a stellar cast, “Too Big to Fail” offers a powerful and informative perspective on the crisis, delving into its complexities and the human drama at its core.

IMDB: 7.3

5. Margin Call (2011)

Craving a financial drama that throws you headfirst into the chaos of the 2008 crisis? Look no further than “Margin Call”. This intense film unfolds over a heart-stopping 24 hours within a Wall Street investment firm facing imminent collapse. When a young analyst uncovers a massive error in their mortgage risk calculations, the clock starts ticking. As tensions rise and ethical dilemmas surface, the film offers a gripping and technically accurate portrayal of the early stages of the financial meltdown.

“Margin Call” boasts an exceptional cast, including Demi Moore, Kevin Spacey, and Zachary Quinto, who bring to life the high-stakes world of finance and the immense pressure faced by those making critical decisions with global consequences.

IMDB: 7.1

6. Boiler Room (2000)

This fast-paced thriller offers a different perspective on the stock market. It follows Seth, a college dropout lured into a high-pressure boiler room operation. He quickly learns the dark side of the business – high-pressure sales tactics, boiler room scams (selling speculative, low-quality stocks), and a ruthless culture fueled by greed. “Boiler Room” serves as a cautionary tale, exposing the predatory practices that can exist within the financial system.

IMDB: 7.0

7. Money Monster (2016)

“Money Monster” shifts the focus to the impact of financial media on the average investor. George Clooney stars as Lee Gates, a charismatic but jaded financial TV host. When a disgruntled investor takes Gates hostage live on air, the film explores the ethics of financial media and its role in influencing investment decisions. The tense hostage situation serves as a backdrop for a thought-provoking exploration of how financial information is presented and the potential consequences.

IMDB: 6.5

8. Dumb Money (2023)

This biographical comedy-drama chronicles the now-legendary GameStop short squeeze of 2021. Based on the book “The Antisocial Network” by Ben Mezrich, the film follows a ragtag group of everyday investors on Reddit who banded together to take on Wall Street giants. “Dumb Money” captures the exhilarating rise of the retail investor movement, the high-stakes battles with hedge funds, and the unexpected heroes who upended the financial world. Get ready for a thrilling ride that blends humor, drama, and a touch of David vs. Goliath inspiration.

IMDB: 6.2


Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for a thought-provoking exploration of the financial world, or simply a movie buff seeking a thrilling adventure, this list of the best stock market movies on Netflix has something for everyone. Grab some popcorn, get comfy, and prepare to be entertained by the dramatic world of high finance. You might even learn a valuable lesson or two about the ever-shifting tides of the market!


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